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Clear Vision Clothing FAQ - Contact if You Don't Find the Answers

Some questions we have been asked that you may be wondering. If you have any further questions about our clothing feel free to contact us as we love to hear from our customers!

Frequently Asked Questions


Are the sizes provided the only size available?

The sizes provided are the most common sizes sold based on previous orders but if you would like a youth size or a size larger than a XXL just contact us and we will work to get you the product you are seeking. 

What happens if the shirt is not what I expected or is not printed or pressed correctly? 

As it is stated in the terms and privacy section if a product does not meet the expectations of the customer please contact us and we will arrange to send another shirt with the proper changes made to satisfy the customer. 

Does Clear Vision sponsor?

As of now (beginning of 2018) we are not sponsoring anyone as we are trying to fully develop our brand and spread our name and message. In the future, once we are established and growing consistently we will begin reaching out to people to sponsor them and have them help in the further development of the brand. Keep up to date with our social medias if you are interested in the opportunity once we get to the point of sponsorship as that is where we will be making the announcement and letting everyone know!

Do we accept design submissions? 

We are open to any ideas or designs you have created or thought of so feel free to contact us and let us know what it is! If we find that it fits with our brand and believe that our customers would like the design we would love to create your design on a shirt/long sleeve/ hoodie. We would defiantly give credit to the creator and allow them to make it just the way they want. If you have an idea please go to the contact us page where all of our information is listed and we look forward to hearing from you via any method of contact that is best for you!

Do we sell our custom per person designs on our website as a limited time offer?

In rare cases, yes we do. Other than that, custom shirts that are done for an individual customer are not made available or sold on our website. However, we do accept submissions of artwork or ideas for designs that could be used in future products. 

Are the designs on the website able to be done in different colors?

In some cases we can arrange to put our designs on a variety of color. If you would like to request a special order contact us directly and we will work to fit your needs. 

Is Clear Vision specific to skateboarding apparel? 

Clear Vision is not specific to skateboarding. However, a large portion of our community is the skateboarding community. We do not limit our community or efforts to just skateboarders though. In fact we aim to reach anyone that shares similar ideas and interests in chasing their life goals without giving up. 

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